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Drama as AFCON 2024 enter knockout stage

Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide
Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Last updated on February 11, 2024

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As the Africa Cup of Nations dey waka enta di fast lane wit no room for failure, e get one tin wey go play crucial role for di remaining 16 teams wey go enta di next stage wey go start on Saturday. Any team wey fail go pack waka go dia country as na straight to border control and departure to Cote d’Ivoire.

No be time to draw game, so di remaining 16 coaches go dey think plenty things. Dem go dey reason about dia team, how to select di starting 11, tactics, and fitness level. Even di weather sef na part of wetin dem go dey reason as dem dey try mastermind success for dia country.

But if we go by wetin don happen for previous Africa Cup of Nations finals, one practice go play key role, and na how dem fit strike ball from 12 yards. Since Didier Drogba miss one crucial kick for penalty shootout against Egypt for di final match of 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, many oda big players don also fail to convert penalty kicks.

E happen to Nigeria 24 years ago for 2000, when dem lose di title for Lagos because dem no fit strike well from penalty spot.

This na common thing even for world football level. Big players like Zico (1986), Maradona (1990), Roberto Baggio (1994), and Lionel Messi (2022) don fumble for dis area wey be di cheapest way to score for football.

As we dey waka for dis current Afcon 2023, e dey clear say teams suppose don dey learn how to take penalty kick well as di knockout stage dey come. Four of di last eight final matches for Africa Cup of Nations na penalty shootout decide am.

Penalty kicks don play crucial roles for di success of champions for 14 out of di last 21 championships since Libya ’82 wey be di first wey dem decide with penalty shootout. Big names like Nwankwo Kanu, Victor Ikpeba, Samuel Eto’o, and Didier Drogba don miss for penalty spot.

For Nigeria march to victory for 1994, penalty kicks play big role. Super Eagles waka survive penalty shootout with Cote d’Ivoire for di semi-finals. Penalty kicks also shape Nigeria destiny for 2010, 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1994, 1988, and 1984. Eight times for Nigeria last 14 appearances for finals.

Nigeria survive penalty shootout against Egypt for 1984 semi-final, and against Algeria for 1988. Penalty kick award to Cameroon decide Nigeria fate for Maroc ’88 final.

Apart from 2000 wey Cameroon carry trophy for Lagos through penalty shootout, loss of penalty for extra time against Senegal decide Super Eagles fate for 2002 semi-finals. Again, Nigeria crash out of 2004 finals through penalty shootout!

Penalty kicks also decide for oda African teams for Africa Cup of Nations. Cameroon, Tunisia, and Cote d’Ivoire lose important matches through penalty shootout for 2006 Africa Cup of Nations.

Di goalkeepers wey save di kicks na heroes, while di outfield players wey miss di targets na villains. E dey obvious say all these drama go still happen as Cote d’Ivoire 2023 dey reach knockout stage.

But who go jump and which player go cry? Italy’s Antonio Cabrini write im name for World Cup record as di first player wey miss penalty for final. E look sad afta im 25th-minute spot kick go wide.

Penalty kicks, especially penalty shootouts, dey good for television. Dem dey fast and exciting, and na fairer way to decide tie pass coin toss. But Italy fit no gree believe dis afta dem lose USA ’94 World Cup final through penalty shootout and also lose for Italia ’90 World Cup semi-final for penalty kicks.

Dem lose again for France ’98 through penalty kicks. But for di extra time goal wey Korea score against dem for 2002 Round of 16, you go waka go back 20 years (Mexico ’86) to see di last time wey Italy lose knockout match for World Cup without penalty shootout.

Dem prayer come true for Germany 2006 when dem beat France for final through penalty shootout. Na only prayer wey Jose Peseiro go pray make im add penalty kick session to Super Eagles training.

List of penalty kicks for Africa Cup of Nations

– 1982 – Penalty shootout decide final match between Ghana and Libya.
– 1984 – Penalty shootout carry Nigeria go final.
– 1986 – Penalty shootout decide final match between Egypt and Cameroon.
– 1988 – Penalty shootout carry Nigeria go final. Penalty for Cameroon decide Nigeria fate for final.
– 1992 – Penalty shootout decide final match between Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.
– 1994 – Penalty shootout play key role for Nigeria march go final, dem beat Cote d’Ivoire 4-2 for semi-finals.
– 2000 – Penalty shootout decide Nigeria fate and final match against Cameroon.
– 2002 – Penalty loss against Senegal for semi-finals decide Nigeria fate. Final match between Cameroon and Senegal decide by penalties.
– 2004 – Penalty shootout decide Nigeria fate for semi-finals as Tunisia win 5-3.
– 2006 – Nigeria involve for penalty shootout for quarter-finals. Final match between Egypt and Cote d’Ivoire also decide on penalties.
– 2010 – Nigeria benefit from penalty shootout, dem beat Zambia 5-4 for quarter-finals.
– 2012 – Quarter-finals match between Gabon and Mali decide by penalties. Final match between Zambia and Cote d’Ivoire also decide by penalties.
– 2013 – Quarter-finals duel between South Africa and Mali and semi-finals between Burkina Faso and Ghana decide by penalty shootout.
– 2015 – Third-place duel between DR Congo and Equatorial Guinea and final match between Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana decide by penalties.
– 2017 – Quarter-finals match between Senegal and Cameroon and semi-finals between Burkina Faso and Egypt decide by penalty kicks.
– 2019 – Three Round of 16 matches (Morocco vs Benin, Madagascar vs DR Congo, and Ghana vs Tunisia) and quarter-final between Cote d’Ivoire and Algeria decide by penalty shootout.
– 2021 – Three Round of 16 matches decide by penalty shootout (Burkina Faso vs Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire vs Egypt, and Mali vs Equatorial Guinea) and semi-final between Egypt and Cameroon and final match between Senegal and Egypt decide by penalty shootout.


Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

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