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Things to Know About Ilesa

Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide
Written by Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Last updated on March 10, 2024

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About ilesa

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Ilesa, a vibrant and peaceful city strategically located in the State of Osun, often called Ipinle Omoluabi or State of the Living Spring. The name “Ilesa” is of Yoruba origin, and its meaning is “Ile ti a sa” translated in English as the land that we choose. It’s an important town in Nigeria because it acts as a door to the north, south, and east of Nigeria. Ilesa is known for its rich culture, successful farming, and economic stability. This article will tell you all about Ilesa, focusing on its important location, the people, and the different parts of its culture.

How big is Ilesa?

Ilesa is geographically positioned at approximately 70 N 50East Nigeria. its unique geographical positioning makes it an important centre for connecting different regions in Nigeria, especially in the southwest of Nigeria. Aside connecting regions in Nigeria, the town is well planned as it has different linking roads, which makes it easy to navigate and it also ease traffic congestion as you can easily takes another route if you feel one is too busy or if there is an ongoing construction, The town’s strategic location and well-connected roads facilitates trade and cultural exchange, contributing to its importance as a gateway.

Also, Ilesa’s fertile lands in the rainforest zone helps the agricultural sector, which helps in the produce of major crops like cocoa, oil palm, kolanuts, cotton, and pumpkins. The town’s agricultural richness not only sustains the local population but also contributes significantly to the national economy.

Who are the Ijeshas?

The people of Ilesa are called Ijeshas. They are hardworking, like to explore. Ilesa has six (6) local governments namely Ilesa East, Ilesa West, Obokun, Oriade, Atakunmosa East, and Atakunmosa West. Ilesa has a total population of 620,109 according to the 2006 Census. The Ijeshas’ travels have made Ilesa diverse and culturally rich.

What is ilesa known for?

Ilesa is strong not just in farming but also has valuable mineral resources in the ground, like gold and other minerals. This makes Ilesa important in Nigeria’s mining. Important places in Ilesa, like International Breweries Limited, Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa Grammar School, and Osun State College of Technology, University of Ilesa, help the town’s businesses. Because Ilesa has different kinds of businesses, it stays strong and keeps growing, becoming a rich place in the region.

Cultural Heritage and Traditional Leadership

The main part of Ilesa’s culture is the Owa Obokun of Ijesaland, the traditional leader who takes care of the town’s history. The Iwude Festival happens every year and shows off Ilesa’s rich culture. This festival is important because it highlights the lively spirit of the community and their dedication to traditions. The Owa Obokun is crucial in keeping and promoting the cultural history of Ilesa, making sure that these traditions are passed on to the next generations. The Iwude Festival, a happy and colorful celebration, brings the community together, creating a feeling of togetherness and pride in their shared history.

Tourist Attractions and Educational Hubs

Ilesa has cool things to see that show off its culture and nature. The Erin Ijesa Waterfalls are a really awesome natural sight that brings in visitors from all over the world. The Kiriji War Museum tells the story of the region’s important role in the Yoruba Civil Wars. The lively Iwude Festival is a special experience with its colorful traditional dances and rituals. Also, schools like Ilesa Grammar School, Osun State College of Technology and the newly approved University of Ilesa, make the town popular and interesting, attracting both students and visitors. With both nature spots and places to learn, Ilesa is a great destination for both having fun and gaining knowledge.

Community Togetherness of the People

In Ilesa, people really look out for each other. It’s not just about money or culture, there’s a strong sense of community spirit. Everyone works together to make sure everyone is doing well. This community way of thinking encourages people to cooperate, help each other, and have a shared idea of what they want for the future. The Ijeshas, who share a common heritage, actively take part in making the town better, whether it’s through farming, businesses, security, or community projects. Feeling like they belong and sharing the responsibility makes a lasting and welcoming environment for everyone.

Modern Development and Infrastructure

Ilesa is making progress with new modern development and infrastructure. For example, International Breweries Limited is a big part of the town’s industry, helping the local economy and businesses in the town and in Nigeria at large. They also have schools and hospitals, showing they care about people’s education and health. While Ilesa is getting more modern everyday, they still hold onto their traditions, finding a balance between old and new.

Challenges and Resilience

Just like any busy town, Ilesa has some problems to deal with. They need better infrastructure, and sometimes the economy has ups and downs. But the people in Ilesa, the Ijeshas, are strong and can adjust to changes. The leaders in the town, along with the community, are actively dealing with these issues and finding good solutions. This teamwork helps Ilesa keep growing and doing well, even when things get tough.

Cultural Festivals as Unifying Forces

Cultural festivals, such as the Iwude Festival, not only showcase the richness of Ilesa’s heritage but also serve as unifying forces. These events bring together people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and shared identity. The celebrations provide a platform for the expression of creativity, traditional arts, and the passing down of cultural practices to younger generations. In doing so, Ilesa ensures that its cultural legacy remains vibrant and relevant in the contemporary world.

Oriki Omo Ilesa

Ijesha omo owa, omo ekun, omo bokun remi,
Ijesha tio je obi oju loro, omo du apona da,
Ijesha omo eleni ate iika, Omo eleni ewele.
Omo olobi kan wowotiriwo, omo olobikan wowotiriwo,
Eyi tofe teni awo seru eni, eyi tio fe teni awo sinu igbo,
Omo Ogedengbe, agbogun gboro, adi pon pon l’oju ogun,
Edumare bawa da ilu Ijesha si o (Read full Oriki here)

What is the name of Ilesa King?

The Owa Obokun of Ijesaland is the traditional ruler or king of Ilesa and the current ruling family of the Ijesha land as at [year] is the Aromolaran family with the current reigning Owa Obokun being Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran.

‘Alagidi’ Misconception of Ilesa People

The Ilesa people are often mistakenly labeled as “Alagidi” which means stubborn people. However, the reality is that they have kind hearts, and their aversion to cheating may have led to this misinterpretation. The Ijesha people have a saying in their Oriki that goes, “E ma pe emi Ijesa ni alagidi mo, ireje ni a o fe” which translates to “Don’t call us Ijesha stubborn people; we simply hate cheating.”

Ilesa is a town full of culture, strength, and people who care about each other. It’s in a good spot on the map and has a lot of farms, businesses, and new things being built. The Ijeshas, who live there, work hard and keep a good mix of old ways and new ideas. Even when things get tough, the leaders and the community join hands to solve problems. The fun festivals, schools, and things that bring people together in Ilesa show how much they value their traditions and heritage. It’s important to know the truth about the Ijeshas, like how they’re not really stubborn but just don’t like cheating. In simple terms, Ilesa isn’t just a place on the map, it’s a lively town with its own special identity, ready for the future while remembering its history.


Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

Editor @ 9ja Life Guide

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